USB Multitouch display on DE1-SOC

I have a multitouch display with a USB connection. The documentation specifies that the following kernel modules should be enabled.
-> HIDRAW ( USB Interface )

I tried the BSP packages available from Terasic and all of these Linux/Ubuntu images do not have the kernel modules enabled. Is there a SD card image available with a kernel that was built with these modules?

If there is no SD card image available with these kernel modules, what is the best approach? Should I try and recompile my own kernel?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

I think you’ll have to compile your own kernel. I work with a DE1-SoC board. To compile Linux, I followed these instructions:

Since the device tree for the DE1-SoC supplied by Terasic is old, I found one that was close and worked. I used the socfpga_cyclone5_de0_sockit.dts (it will compile to a dtb as part of the Angstrom compile). You might need to add your USB display to the device tree and compile it to a custom dtb.

Let me know as you work through this if you have questions and I can try to help.

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@SusananhM Thank you for the info. I will go through the compiling process and see if I can get the USB Multitouch drivers enabled.