Using SPI on the ltc header SoCKit

Hello, I am using the Altera Cyclone V SoCKit.

I am trying to use the SPI interface on the LTC header on the left side of the board, but I am having trouble connecting to it.

I wrote a simple c program that opened the “/dev/spidev0.0” device and used ioctl to start a SPI transaction. However, I didn’t notice any output on the ltc header pins.

After more research, I found the example LTC serial DAC and ADC project and found them setting a gpio pin to switch between I2C and SPI. I followed there example, but I still saw no output.

When I ran the example program, the only time I saw any output on the pins was when the program opened the I2C device and used the write() function.

If any one has any experience with using the SPI and can offer any help, that would be great.

thank you.

Its been long time since you posted this query … I hope you may be able to communicate over SPI… ! I am also struck at same place. Want to perform spi communication through LTC pins using python in linux userspace.

Please help me.