What's Conduit?

What dose the term Conduit means in Qsys - Quartus Prime ?

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Conduit is a way to group custom signals between modules in QSYS essentially making a bus and easier connections. This is opposed to the predefined buses such as Avalon-MM/Avalon-ST/Clock Input/Reset Input/etc. An example of a Conduit can be seen in projects containing a HPS and Memory Controller, it is called “emif” on the HPS side and carries 4 custom signals to the memory controller where it is called “hps_emif_conduit_end”.

When you are using a conduit the signal name(s) must match on both sides of its intended connection but the conduit name can be different.

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what do you mean by “carries 4 custom signals to the memory controller” ?

A better term might be “groups” or “connects” 4 signals between the modules

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and what are the custom signals ?

Custom signals can be anything you wish to add to the Conduit when making your module. They would be defined in the HDL code that makes up the module(s) you wish to add to the QSYS project.

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Read the avalon interface specification. It is clear there. Avalon defines some buses with signals with specific roles. the avalon clock carries a clock, the avalon memory-mapped implements a memory mapped bus, etc. For any other type of bus that does not fit with avalon predefined buses avalon permits the avalon conduit, where the user can define the signals he wants.

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