Where is the kernel header files for driver module?


I have a Arrow FPGASoC kit, and am studying the linux driver.
In order to compile the driver for the platform, I need the kernel header files which matches the kernel version running on my board. I made the zImage of my board using the source here:
and the result of ‘uname -r’ on my board is ‘3.10.31-ltsi-05151-gc8b20a4’.

However, the source code lacks its header files, and /usr/src, which usually contains the header file, is almost empty.
So where can I find the header files I need?

Thanks so much~~~

Please ignore the question in my post above.

As far as I know, compiling driver for desktop linux requires kernel header files which are usually set under /usr/src, and with the same kernel version number;
Compiling driver for embedded linux usually needs the linux source code direcory where you build your zImage for the board, not header files.

In other words:
(1) For desktop linux: make -C /usr/src/(header file directory) M=${PWD} modules;
(2) For embedded linux: make ARCH=arm -C /linux-socfpga-ret-ltsi M=${PWD} modules;

I have successfully compiled a simple driver for my Arrow SoC like this, but the difference are not sure.

Can you send me a full example?