Which spi/gpio for de0-nano-soc linux fbtft

I’ve built the correct modules
but i don’t understand how to connect/direct which SPI / GPIO should be controlling the TFT
99% of the examples that exist are for Rpi / & they have standard spi /gpio

the existing project https://rocketboards.org/foswiki/view/Projects/OpenCLMandelbrotDemoOnAtlasSoC has little (no) information -
(i’m using the same Adafruit tft/LCD - convenient in the Arduino form factor )
the project appears to load drivers / devices from the device tree
where as other examples (Rpi) show loading /specifying modules from the command line (insmod or modprobe)

though i could cobble something together from user space i would rather have the console driver part of the OS —

any clues would be helpful

back to answering my own questions …

much of the information that i require can be found in :

though I am curious about the difference between the built in SPI (part of the Arm) and a fpga SPi - if anyone has experience in driving fbTFT with either please let us know