Arria10 SOC Linux driver for HPS DMA Controller?

Hi ,

I’m using Arria10 SOCFPGA with Linux Kenrel (branch aletra 4.14 ).

In my application, there‘re bulks of data moving from one place to another place every 1ms,currently I have to use memcpy() which occupys CPU heavily.

​Is there any example to use HPS DMA Controller to implement this data moving, to avoid use cpu memcpy() . Any code example ?

Thanks for help

Hello @dudu1102,
You are looking for Linux DMA Engine. Information sources are:

The last one is very good code example from @roberbot. You could also find older discusions about DMA, e.g. Using HPS DMA in De1-SoC.
Hope this help You a bit.
Yours sincerely
Jan Konečný.

Hello @Jan Konecny

Appreciate your kindly help. I will check these materials. Best Regards

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