Trying to run Angstrom on DE1-SoC

We have some problems trying to compile Amstrong and run it in DE1-SoC board.

We took the Linux-Console image provided in the DE1-SoC board Resources website ( It works fine. Then, we tried an application program that could not run because a backward compatibility problem. Our application was compiled using ARM DS-5 and newer version of the toolchain than the libraries included in Linux-Console Image from Terasic. For this reason we decided recompile Angstrom and try to run our application on it.

We did:

  • Compiled Angstrom (latest stable kernel v2013.12) following ( with no problems on Debian 8 32bit.
  • We replaced kernel image (zImage) and file system ( Angstrom-console-image-eglibc-ipk-v2013.12-socfpga_cyclone5.rootfs.tar) obtained after compilation by those in original Linux-Console Image from Terasic using the commands in last section (Updating Individual Elements on SD Card) of From Debian for terasic DE1-SOC it seems that I must only replace kernel image and file system to change operating system. This is why we only replaced these two elements.
  • After powering up the board execution stops with the message Starting Kernel…
    (system does not allow me to upload photo because i am new user).
  • More tests: If we only replace file system (leaving the kernel image from Terasic´s original image) the board correctly boots the kernel!!!. It boots as angstrom instead of Poky Yocto Linux (as before). If I replace all images that I get after Angstrom compilation (u-boot, filesystem and kernel) board does not boot and stops in the same point as before: Loading kernel…

I would appreciate if you could point out some possible mistakes and ideas.
Thank you in advance

This is most likely a devicetree issue. i would suggest starting with the devicetree included in the kernel and modifying it to try as simple a devicetree as possible to start.

Continuing the discussion from How to upgrade Linux kernel 3.10ltsi into SD card (v3.9 existed)?:

I was out of the forum some time. Well I repeated my process and I ended with 3.10ltsi and 3.18 correctly booting but only 2.10ltsi being able to connect to the internet. I have also repeated the thing with the files that Terasic gave to @sirajmuhammad and the result was exactly the same. Both booting and only 3.10ltsi with internet. That is it:

First method:
hps_common_board_info.xml from DE0nano folder in Workshop 2 of Altera Workshops
soc_system_board_info.xml drom DE1-SoC GHRD in DE1-SOC CD-ROM
.sopcinfo from DE1-SoC GHRD compilation

Second method:
hps_common_board_info.xml that Terasic gave to @sirajmuhammad
soc_system_board_info.xml that Terasic gave to @sirajmuhammad
.sopcinfo from DE1-SoC GHRD compilation

To compile dtb I have used the following for both methods:
sopc2dts --input socsystem.sopcinfo --output socfpga.dtb --type dtb --board hps_common_board_info.xml --board soc_system_board_info.xml --bridge-removal all --clocks -v